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 Mark Shan's Quake 2 Single Player Maps:

1492: Anno Domini

Progetto Genoma: Return to Hell

Progetto Genoma

Magic Lamber Forever

Magic Lamber: Power of sewer

Waiting for Quake ]|[

Tombstones of id Software

 Magic Lamber:
 Power of sewer

From the bio-organic slime product from the core of Planet Volcano, the Stroggs extract energy for building and operating their final military technology: Magic Lamber, a colossal 10,000-ton robot with a nuclear gun whose potency is equivalent to a billion kilotons. The robot is indistructible in combat, and there is only one possibilty of stopping the Stroggs' project before Magic Lamber becomes operational: the energy conversion system is unstable, and lacks refrigeration circuitry. If you can produce an energy overload, the ground under the mech could reach fusion temperatures and sink the robot into the slime and core of the planet. Here is your mission: try to crash the system by activating all available gigantic pumps at once. Very recent intelligence suggests that the Strogg are also experimenting with transporter technology in the area. Beware that they might use their experimental technology to teleport enemies into areas you have already cleared, in attempt to hold you or to attack from multiple fronts. Good luck...

"there is good action involved, and plenty
of nice architecture to admire."

-Tron, 3D Gamers Edge


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