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1492: Anno Domini

Progetto Genoma: Return to Hell

Progetto Genoma

Magic Lamber Forever

Magic Lamber: Power of sewer

Waiting for Quake ]|[

Tombstones of id Software


 Magic Lamber Forever

The war with the Stroggs goes on, and warriors on both sides are engaged in killing each other, to the far reaches of the galaxy and beyond. Meanwhile, the Stroggs have not stopped their "Magic Lamber" project - and they have made an awesome conceptual breakthrough: Magic Lamber will be not only a colossal war machine, but also a tremendous library computer, containing all human historical, cultural, and philosophical knowledge and data. With this wealth of information, the Strogg and Magic Lamber will be able to change both the development of human history, and then the very memory of our past, until humanity knows nothing but Magic Lamber, past and future - forever...

Do you recall the gigantic Monolith from one of your missions before the first Magic Lamber assignment? Our latest intelligence suggests it was the first step of this new Strogg strategy - a cosmic receiver that obtains and stores all human knowledge and wisdom, a tremendous volume of data. From the underground receiver terminals, the computers of the Monolith send this data to "cultural processing laboratories", where it is transformed and stored in a plasmatic-compressed medium, and then altered and adulterated via the new Strogg technology of anti-photonic laser, when it is then ready to be recorded on a couple of Anti-Matter Compact Discs, each containing billions of terabytes of adulterated and evilly contaminated human "cultural knowledge". Possession of these AM-CDs will give Magic Lamber the supreme power it needs to begin carrying out the Strogg goals of obliterating and remaking human culture.

Your mission - and you do not have the choice of refusing it, not if you want to live another day - is therefore:

Demolish the receiver monolith to buy us time in case you do not finish your mission.

Shoot down or blow up all of the lasers in the processing laboratories, and stop the recording process for the AM-CDs.

Take the CD with corrupted data that you are now being given, and insert it into the master memory circuits of Magic Lamber, to cause a massive crash of its computer systems.

A number of great warriors for humanity have tried this mission before you, and failed, thus alerting the Strogg to our knowledge. We know this makes your mission more difficult, but humanity has no choice - you are our last hope. Good luck. Insertion commences.... now!

Story by Jay Aiken

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"Mark has created something that all us hardcore Q2 fans will have a lot of fun playing."

-Jed, 3D Map Realm