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1492: Anno Domini

Progetto Genoma: Return to Hell

Progetto Genoma

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Progetto Genoma:
 Return to Hell

It's been ten years since Hell. Ten very long years. Oh, there have been other missions, but nothing like Hell, and finally the Powers That Be in Military Command saw the wisdom of a desk job, helping get other poor shmucks ready to go off and fight the Strogg. Ready to go off and die, in other words. Meanwhile, the nightmares are beginning to taper off, maybe one a week, now. Not great, but compared to several times a night, something that can be endured, maybe, with the help of friends Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels... And now it's back to Hell. Oops, the official name is stil Hideaway. No, screw that, it's Hell, and nothing but Hell. While our attention was on other things, other battles, other planets... the Strogg took a page from our book and snuck up on Hell and took it back from us. Seems they left something behind, something mighty valuable, whatever it was. Valuable to them, at least. This was a couple of years ago, and Military Command did not have the time then to deal with the incursion. Idiots!Now the damned Strogg have had time to build new levels to their fortifications, so they can hold out against any odds, no matter how strong the invading force. They've been sneaking in troops so that their garrison is even greater than what we faced in the great battle on Stroggos. They'be been growing some new ones, too, using the data they beamed out before they got their clocks cleaned ten years ago. Tougher, more heavily armored, more powerful weapons. OK, so there are more of them, better fortified, more powerful weapons, tougher. Sounds like a job for a NovaBomb, with a few planet busters as an appetizer... Nope. The Powers That Be tried their standard infiltration of heavily stealthed intelligence troops. Same result - a little information, mostly on those new and> improved Strogg, and no troops returning. Stirred up the Strogg pretty well, too, so the beast-machines are on high alert. The information was tantalizing, though, to somebody with a strong stomach, and the Powers That Be want to know more. In their desperation to get that information, they are falling back on what worked in the past: send in some poor dope with minimal weapons and equipment, in a heavily stealthed lander, and hope they get something back, anything at all. It worked before, and all things considered, it is not that much of an investment, just one poor dope. Pick a proven survivor, if possible, to increase the odds. Guess who they decided to send, who will be returning to Hell. Oh, well, if the Strogg blow my head clean off my fool body, at least the nightmares will finally stop...



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"...Progetto Genoma: return to Hell is damn good fun."

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