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 Mark Shan's Quake 2 Single Player Maps:

1492: Anno Domini

Progetto Genoma: Return to Hell

Progetto Genoma

Magic Lamber Forever

Magic Lamber: Power of sewer

Waiting for Quake ]|[

Tombstones of id Software

 1492: Anno Domini
 ...a devastating experience

1492 : a memorable date in human history.
With a long navigation from the old Europe, an italian explorer landed on the coasts of an unknown continent: this continent was called America, and it becomes the centre of our freedom.

1920 : the traitors are among us.
The time-journeys technology is used by Stroggs to conquer more easily other worlds : during a time-manipulation experiment, a human evily-contaminated family formed an alliance with our worst enemies: we don't know why, but they did it, damned bastards... Now the Stroggs have enough informations to delete our past : come back in 1492 and kill the America's discoverer...

2001 : the last hope
Our intelligence (...sometime works !) informed us about Stroggs plan : on the far planet of the Titans (the ancient world of a primitive population, now exterminated by the invaders, with a mix of strange architecture: indigenous cerimonial buildings, alien-tech chambers, ghotic castle... ) huge hordes of monsters are amassing in the teleporter system of the Time Machine, the countdown is started... The energy of the Strogg system is at the most level : right moment to strike...



" This one is Superb, simply superb."

-Jay, Ten Four





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