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1492: Anno Domini

Progetto Genoma: Return to Hell

Progetto Genoma

Magic Lamber Forever

Magic Lamber: Power of sewer

Waiting for Quake ]|[

Tombstones of id Software

Progetto Genoma

They call the planet 'Hell'. That's not its real name - the former human inhabitants called it Hideaway - but Hell is a lot closer. The previous owners were led by a megalomaniacal and ruthless dictator who fled from his planet of birth after failing to crush a rebellion. Fled with several hundred henchmen and the planetary treasury and valuable scientific knowledge from looted university databases - and several thousand 'citizens'. "Slaves" would be a much more accurate term. On reaching Hell, they set up shop, operating as pirates and planning a comeback. One of the first things the Dictator did was to use some of the stolen riches to build himself a great castle, as grand as he could get. Much like the Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria, but with little of the Bavarian king's taste. Large halls, towers in huge courtyards, dungeons of course, and a great room of odd design, suitable for staging combats with the "citizens", who were told whoever won could go free. That left the poor serfs some hope, and enlivened the combat while the rulers watched from a great walkway above - until the bars at the entrance were raised to let huge carnivores enter and devour the survivors. Not a very nice bunch, those rulers... Hideaway/Hell looked pretty safe to the deposed and fleeing rulers. Well off the beaten path, in a relative backwater, offering lots of time to scheme for going back to their home. Then the war with the Strogg started, and Hideaway was right in the path of the Strogg advance. Initially the Strogg contented themselves with blowing away the ruler's small fleet of pirate ships, and bypassing the planet, since there seemed to be little of value there, while continuing to advance toward Earth. Eventually, the Strogg landed several thousand troops, massacred the slave population, and ran through the castle defenses and over the few hundred ruling class. A few were kept around for normal Strogg experimentation, and the dictator was the feature attraction at a Strogg banquet.

Then the Strogg began going through the captured equipment and discovered that there had been something of fantastic value after all - the almost-completed second-level mapping of the human genome sequence, building on work from Earth during the prior century, results of a university project and stolen with the rest of the university intellectual assets when the deposed rulers escaped. Realizing the value of this find, the Strogg imported vast amounts of computing equipment, set up shop, completed the genome sequence mapping, and are apparently now moving into trial phases of genetic engineering, using the few captured humans. If left alone, they could breed super-Strogg as well as create fearsome plagues to wipe out humanity. Intelligence suggests that in fact they are working on a human-Strogg hybrid, combining the worst aspects of both races. They must be stopped! Since Hell is behind Strogg lines, our ability to gather intelligence was limited. We landed a crack team of combat intelligence officers and Rangers. None came back, but thanks to a small robotic craft that monitored Marine transmissions from the surface during the battle, we did manage to get a rough layout of the castle, and some idea of the general placement of the Strogg computers and research equipment. We have programmed your combat computer to give you as much help as we could. The objectives of your mission are very simple in concept: infiltrate all Strogg defensive structures, stop the energy production resources, enter and destroy the research laboratories, then come back home ....alive! Easy obiectives don't mean an easy mission. After our successes at destroying Magic Lamber - and after the failure of the intelligence agents to get in undetected - the Stroggs are alerted your arrival. We do not know the full extent of their forces on the planet and in the castle, but we do know they number in the hundreds, and perhaps as many as a thousand enemies waiting for you! Your insertion will be via our experimental stealth lander, which we do not believe the Strogg can detect. However, the stealth equipment takes so much power that you will not be able to lift off again, so it is a one-way transport. In fact, you will need to exit the lander quickly, since demolition charges have been attached to prevent our stealth technology from falling into Strogg hands. You will have to complete your mission on Hell and get back to our forces on your own. Good luck, and God speed...

Story by Jay Aiken



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