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This page is my tribute to ID Software, and also to Mark Shan. ID Software made the fantastic game that Quake II is. Mark, made it just the way i like it, hardcore...
I have plans to create some new maps and mods, for boulth Linux and Windows, soo drop me a visit from time to time...
Here you will find mostly the Linux versions of Mark Maps and Mods, because the Windows version is already in his site...
Also you will find binaries (engines) for Linux and Windows, and some Windows Patches/Demos, Maps and Mods(not made by Mark)...
I recommend to users playing this mods, the use of the binaries Quake II v3.20 or v3.21 series, because they where used to port the mods...
I hope that you apreciate the hard work from Mark, because he really is a fantastic mapper, you will be impressed with the quality of is work.
Dont forget also, that this was only possible, because ID Software created a legend, Quake II...
My part of the work was porting, converting, some edicting, and also the packaging  of his work to Linux, and compiling some real working binaries(engines)...
I hope that all of you Tux an lovers enjoy this, because there is not mutch mods ported to Linux, and the community deserve it...

Have fun.

The SIN Raven
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