Years have passed. The remaining Strogg army hordes have retired from fighting, but have not given up their bloodthirsty lust for revenge. They have gathered in their heavily fortified headquarters, lying in wait like wound animals for you to return to finish them off. They know you're coming. You always do. But this time, they are ready for you. They are ready to die to the last soldier to see that this time, you die too.

You have more powerful weapons for this battle than you ever have had in the past. You are primed! You are trained! You are rested! You are ready to battle the last of the Strogg to finally restore definitive universal peace (Pax Imperia) to the world."

                                                                                                Pax Imperia


 Unit Information 


Authors :

Design - mapping


Mark Shan




Programming - design assistance



Pax Imperia                                  275  enemies
Dark Castle                                  276
External complex                           300
Elaboration data center                  320

The main courtyard                       410

The Abandoned crypt                    110
Energy core                                 165

Final massacre                              666               


                                                 2522 total enemies


First edition








 Installation and Play Notes 

Extract all files  of in a new folder of your Quake2  folder called: pax


You need Pax Patch 1.01 to play Pax Imperia, extract all files in your pax folder download it here

You need also the new Knightmare engine to play Pax Imperia, download it here

For exact installation of the engine, follow the instruction of kmquake2.txt file included in :

Simply extract all files in your Quake2 directory

The source file is available here  (not essential for playing)

Important note: without Knightmare engine Pax Imperia is unplayable

Make a shortcut to "kmquake2.exe +set game pax" and then select Game->Skill to start a new game

Or use Pax Imperia bat file

If you see no textures in the game, try setting the texture mode in the
video menu to linear or bilinear, as your graphics card doesn't seem to
support trilinear filtering





None -- all from scratch

New textures

Yes : over 400 new textures extracted from Unreal - Unreal Tournament - Undying - Rune - Deus ex - Wheel of Time

Xcom enforcerKlingon Honor GuardOblivion – Zaero – and created by EvilQ-fraggel - Ogro

New sounds:

Yes, from Undying  -  Rune - Half life

New code and models

Yes, from  “The Reckoning”  “Ground Zero”              

New Weapons in " Pax Imperia " 

Ion Ripper: The Ion Ripper fires blasts of glowing energy boomerangs capable of ricocheting off walls. The Ion Ripper is the perfect weapon for launching attacks around corners and areas out of your line of sight. 

Phalanx Particle Cannon: The Phalanx Particle Cannon emits two quantum accelerated magnesium slugs at unsuspecting foes. This weapon delivers heavy firepower, but should be used with extreme caution at close range. 

Trap: Lay the Trap on the ground and watch as it sucks nearby enemies inside and turns them into power cubes for you to devour. Most marines have said it tastes like chicken. For stopping Trap activity, bind a key as killtrap.

Chainsaw : this is an enormous arm-mounted chainsaw. It’s perfect when you need to “R.I.P.” a wide swath in a room full of baddies.

ETF Rifle : it’s powerful, efficient and able to pierce armour. What more could ask for? This weapon fires explosive-tipped flechettes that pack a deadly wallop.

New Military Supplies

Mag Slugs: These are the magnesium slugs that are used in the Phalanx Particle Cannon. 
Dual Fire: The Dual Fire temporarily accelerates your weapons rate of fire by a factor of two.

Flechettes  : these are fired from ETF Rifle. They’re explosive-tipped, armour-piercing, and detonate on contact with the enemy. You get 25 shots per box.

New Enemies in " Pax Imperia " 

Description: A lightning-fast amphibious creature that lives and hunts in the planet's proto-swamps. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium
Comments: Commonly found in packs, these creatures will hunt you down, leaping from the shadows to claw or bite. 

Description: Better left alone, these hard-working robots can usually be found repairing doors, lights, and other types of equipment. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Easy 
Comments: Keep you eye on these guys - though innocent looking they also have the ability to awaken dead Strogg from eternal sleep. 

Description: spider-like cyborgs that skulk around in unlikely places. At a distance they fire an improved blaster from ports on their backs. Up close, they have a lethal slash attack. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: medium/hard 
Comments: these little buggers are vicious. They can cling to ceilings, pounce down on top of you to attack, then re-attach to the ceilings to evade your retaliation.

Description: massive, brutish and deadly, this particular Strogg is one to avoid at all costs. With twin ghainguns, a railgun, a grenade launcher, this flying arsenal is well equipped to deal with Space Marines. As if that weren’t enogh, the Carrier can also teleport in Flyers for extra Marine-gibbing action. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: hard 
Comments: they don’t call this guy the Carrier for nothing. Make sure to concentrate your fire on it first and then take care of those pesky Flyers. 


Modified Enemies in " Pax Imperia " 

Modification: His arm-mounted weapon has been modified to accommodate a body-shredding Ion Ripper. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Easy/Medium 
Comments: Watch for the Ripper projectiles ricocheting off of surfaces - it may miss you the first time, but find it's target on the way back. 

Modification: These troops have a modified version of the Hyper Blaster as a deadly prosthetic. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Easy 
Comments: Though easy to defeat, these troops' piercing blue energy rounds will make quick work of unsuspecting marines. 

Modification: Advancing Strogg technology has given these guards the ability to mount a high-powered laser on their arm. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Easy 
Comments: The Laser Guards have a keen eye and an advanced ability to track their targets. Stay clear of that laser, marine.

IRON MAIDEN (Beta Class) 
Modification: Her arm-mounted rocket launcher has been modified with heat-seeking rockets that track their targets. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium/Hard 
Comments: This bitch is bad news. Her rockets will track your ass down, but they won't track around objects. So if she fires one off, look fast for cover. 

GLADIATOR (Beta Class)
Modification: This mutant's shoulder-mounted weapon has been modified to fire Phalanx Particle Cannon rounds. He has also been fitted with protective energy armor. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium/Hard 
Comments: Persistence is the key in defeating this powerhouse. You must first deplete his energy armor, then you can move in for the kill. 

Modification: these troops have a modified version of Hyper Blaster as a deadly prosthetic. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium/Hard 
Comments: if re-animating dead comrades and creating new enemies were not enough, this guy also fires an upgraded Blaster. Keep your eyes peeled for the S.O.B. He’s itching to kick your butt!

SUPER TANK (Beta Class) 
Modification: The ultimate combination of man and machine has been enhanced with powerful energy armor. 
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Hard 
Comments: Only one thing matters when it comes to defeating this beast: Fire-power. You can't have too much of it. 


Build time:

About 9 months 

Build/compile machine:
Test machine:

AMD Athlon 1900 Mhz - 512 MB  RAM DDR .- GeForce 4 Ti 4600 Video card
AMD Athlon 1900 Mhz - 512 MB  RAM DDR .- GeForce 4 Ti 4600 Video card
AMD Athlon 1000 Mhz - 128 MB  RAM - TNT 2 Video card


Bugs :

If  you experience performance problems in Pax, download and run the
following config file: lowend
If you see no textures in the game, try setting the texture mode in the
video menu to linear or bilinear, as your graphics card doesn't seem to
support trilinear filtering


 Programs  used


Virtus DeathmatchMaker II

UTX Viewer
Ulead Media Studio 5.2 Audio editor
Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Photoshop 5.5



id Software for Quake 2

Metsfan for beta test and text

Jay Aiken for beta test

Jesco Topp and Andy Ford for UTX-Viewer

                                                                           Permissions and usage terms

This file (paximperia. zip) may not be sold or redistributed for profit
in any way without express written permission of the authors. This includes,
but is not limited to, mass archival as on a cd-rom and inclusion in commercially
published compilations (books and/or magazines).