Version 0.20
   The engine (now with update 7): (12.7 MB)
   Hi-res levelshots (optional): (91.9 MB)
   The engine source code (updated): kmquake2_020_update7_src.7z (2.48 MB)
   Official mission pack support (also needed for Pax Imperia): (5.02 MB)
   Zaero support (unchanged from Beta 2): (518 KB)
   3rd Zigrock Bot II (3ZB2) support: (1.03 MB)
   Coop Or Die support: (582 KB)
   D-Day Normandy support: (632 KB)

Lazarus Files
   Complete Lazarus files archive, September 2001
      (examples for making maps with Lazarus features, includes copy of Lazarus website): (28.5 MB)

Rust Tutorials/Guides
   Rust tutorials and example maps, May 1998: (2.44 MB)
   Rust Quake2 handbook, Jan 2008: (7.83 MB)

QuArK Support Files
   QuArK DataQ2 file to enable new surface flags, unzip to your QuArk/addons/Quake_2 folder:
kmq2_data_quark.7z (3.2 KB)

   Version 1.13d: (229 KB)

Due to reports that QERadiant won't install on newer 64-bit versions of Windows, I've zipped up an installed copy with the 1.47 executable. You can manually install this by unzipping this archive to wherever you want to install it and creating a shortcut to launch it.
   Version 1.47 (zip archive, manual install): (237 KB)

3-Team CTF
Because KMQ2 supports 3-Team CTF, and its site has disappeared from the web, here are the hard-to-find original files.
   Version 1.31 w/ Maps 11-15: (14.6 MB)

Quake2 Unofficial v3.24 Patch
   Win32 Binaries: (1.08 MB)
   Win32 Binaries (Full Patch w/ CTF 1.5): (30.2 MB)
   Win32 Binaries (Full Patch w/ CTF 1.5 self-extractor): q2-3.24-x86-full-ctf-1.5.exe (30.4 MB)
   Source Code: quake2-3.24-src.7z (782 KB)
   Rogue/Xatrix Missionpack Source Code: quake2-3.24-src-missionpack.7z (332 KB)

Return to Castle Wolfenstein v1.42d Patch
   Win32 Binaries: (1.57 MB)
   Source Code: rtcw-sp-1.42d-src.7z (2.14 MB)

Quake2MaX v0.46
   Win32 Binaries: (9.34 MB)
   Source Code: quake2max.046.src.7z (1.21 MB)

Quake2Evolved v0.40a
   Win32 Binaries: (13.9 MB)
   Source Code: q2e_v0.40a_src.7z (749 KB)